Dining tables assembly instructions


Dining table Assembly instr. no.       For following article numbers Description
Avion 213-576 0673 Mounting of legs
Cover 213-421 070100+070200 Mounting of legs
Cover 213-422 070172 Cover extension leaves
Dinex S040267D 0664+0665+0761+0763 Mounting of crome legs
Dinex SS010211G 0645+0648+0664+0665 Mounting of wooden legs
Iris S2127411 071100 Mounting of legs
Main S213-970 072100+072000 Mounting of legs
Main S213-971 072172 MAIN extension leaves
Mistral 213-421 073300 Mounting of legs
Mistral 213-422 073372 MISTRAL extension leaves
Sami S010211G 064802 Mounting of legs
Single S2129901 067102+067202 Mounting of legs
Single S212-992 067400 Mounting of legs
Single S212-991 067400 SINGLE extension leaves
Zoom S070370A 0661 Mounting of table
Zoom S080373A 0663 Mounting of table